Working with us

The best relationships thrive on transparency and our simple processes are designed to ensure your project is accurately scoped, costed and delivered on time and on budget.


Cost and transparency

There’ll be no monthly fees. Once we’ve agreed and documented the requirements with you, we’ll provide an estimate of costs for your approval. We operate a near-zero cost model which means the estimate will be free of the normal 100% overhead plus margin mark-up that most network agencies insist on. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised since you only commit to what you commit to, and only pay for what you get – no job creation schemes to justify costs and no meetings about meetings about meetings.


Project Onboarding

This is easy. Simply get in touch or email us with a brief outline of your requirements.

One of our Lead Horses will be in touch immediately.

To thoroughly scope your project, we’ll meet with you for a ‘requirements’ capture session. The deliverable from that meeting will be a scope of work document, cost estimate/timing plan and a recommended talent team.


Managing the project

Once we’ve agreed the scope of work, we’ll begin. The nominated curators will project-manage and coordinate with you throughout the project lifecycle.

If any physical meetings are required, then this will be factored into costs and will either take place at a location of your choice or an appropriate WeWork facility (we have a flexible arrangement with WeWork to provide office space and meeting rooms).



We’re completely agnostic when it comes to working with any client’s project management and comms tools. We’re all highly experienced engaging with a variety of client systems whether they’re SaaS or proprietary. If any additional training is required then we’ll scope this into the project at the outset.

In terms of our own technology, we have a proprietary system that manages our distributed talent network in terms of HR, scheduling and payments. Clients can also log-on to our system to view the key scoping documents and access our automated billing system.