We’re Horse’s Mouth – a new type of agency

Strategy, creative, design and production brought together under no roof.


We’re the ad agency for people who are bit fed up with ad agencies - offering our clients curated access to a premium group of planners, creatives, designers and directors who write and produce cut-through ideas helping their brands thrive and bloom.  

We operate a near zero-cost model providing this top talent at an unbeatable price – essentially a freelance day rate with a fair, transparent mark-up.

It’s a model that not only meets the creative and strategic demands of your marketing department but also the value efficiency demands of your procurement people (not to mention the work/life balance demands of our talent).


Our existence is demanded by the age of impermanence

We’ve set up because clients and brands told us they’re increasingly looking to cherry-pick specialists according to projects and needs.

And clearly the time is right because technology now allows for full workplace flexibility.  

Essentially we exist because brands know it’s time for better value exchange and accountability and creatives know it’s time to start working differently.


Broken models and the demands of a gig economy.

Let’s get serious for a minute.  The demand for fluidity presents a serious challenge for agencies to offer a flexible and adaptive model – especially when they’ve been built on legacy processes and multiple layers of stakeholders.  In effect, the old agency model is struggling to shift from lengthy retainers to more flexible, project-based relationships. 

It’s been well documented that the network agency model is unable to flex fully to the demands of the new economy.  Whilst still carrying bricks and mortar overhead and after years of acquisitions, consolidating creative, media and marketing businesses, they’ve created behemoths that are constrained by a need to charge excessive monthly fees to meet increasing staff costs as well as growing shareholder and institutional investor demands for margin.   

Well, goodbye to all that.

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